Product Brief

VERS Compliance

Objective ECM complies with all 5 levels of the specification set by the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS)

The long-term preservation of electronic records is a substantial challenge for any organisation where records must be kept for extended periods. The Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS) is a world-leading framework that comprehensively addresses this challenge. 

Objective Corporation was the first vendor to have its enterprise content management solution, Objective ECM, fully certified against all the VERS Version 2, specifications 1 to 5 by PROV.

Objective achieved compliance of their project, Objective ECM, against all five Specifications of the VERS Standard:Management functions span the spectrum of ECM, they are delivered seamlessly to the users.

  1. System Requirements for Preserving Electronic Records
  2. Metadata Scheme
  3. Standard Electronic Record Format
  4. Long Term Preservation Formats
  5. Export of Electronic Records to PROV

Objective’s total compliance with VERS Version 2 ensures that customers will be meeting all the requirements for long term electronic records management outlined in the specifications.

Over the coming decade, all Victorian government public sector agencies will be moving towards managing their electronic records in VERS-compliant systems. This includes central government departments, local government, public hospitals, public schools and government owned business enterprises.

Download this Capability Overview to learn more about VERS compliance with Objective ECM. 




  • Reduced risk by capturing and maintaining accurate, authentic digital records.
  • Increased accountability through the improved transparency in business processes.
  • Significantly improved accessibility to records over time and distance.
  • Reduced paper record handling and storage.
  • Increased discovery and reuse of records.
  • Reduced cost for transfers of records.