DPC NSW - Injecting efficiency one approval at a time

Fantastic insights from Nadine Louis at DPC on enhancing their approvals process.


Speaking at the Objective NSW User Group, Nadine Louis, EDRM Business Manager at Department of Premier and Cabinet, provided some valuable insight for government agencies tasked with managing executive approvals. Initially adopting a workflow process for approvals or ‘eApprovals’ enabled DPC to transition off paper, whist removing what was once a bottleneck. Utilising emails as their primary driver to send approval tasks initially bridged the adoption gap for executives by making it easier for them to receive and manage them. It wasn’t long through before they found their new eApprovals email solution was filling up inboxes, which meant important approvals were in danger of being missed or worse ignored.

To make the visibility of emails easier and more relevant DPC added a colour coding system, enabling them to be quickly identified when executives were scanning their emails. They‘re in the process of creating an approvals dashboard making it easier for executives to have a single view of their activities with filters of approvals at various stages. The benefits DPC have experienced with their new solutions include improved change management for executives, increased transparency and accountability of outstanding approvals and increased confidence in outcomes.

Nadine’s advice when introducing a new process: “We needed executive buy in if we were going to get wide spread adoption and to get that we needed to show them quick wins.”


Stephen Duncan, Field & Product Marketing Manager, ECM

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