Lead public sector reform by transforming into a digital workplace

The critical role of content in digital transformation

Eliminate paper, fuel digital business processes

Eliminate paper legacy - inject a culture of innovation, reduce overheads and costs by transforming your organisation into a digital enabled workplace.

Improve efficiency - give your staff easier access to the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Fuel digital business processes - transform your content-driven business processes to increase efficiency, quality, transparency and collaboration.

Information management that everyone uses

Focus on the content, not the rules - enable people to more naturally work with content, in their preferred applications, without the concern of information governance policies.

Access information from anywhere - via any digital device, Office 365, email applications or within other line of business systems.

Deliver content with relevant context - give users both the content along with its supporting metadata directly within productivity applications such as Microsoft Office.

Effortless information governance

Comply with regulations - implement information management policies and procedures that don’t rely on users remembering the rules.

SharePoint governance - Ensure governance is in place across your Microsoft SharePoint sites so teams can focus on outcomes not governance policies.

Extend information governance externally - collaborate with external parties by sharing information in a secure, private workspace while retaining full auditability and transparency.


How will you demonstrate transparency and accountability?


A best-practice framework

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time to improve productivity, performance and outcomes.

Consolidate information for a single source of the truth

Capture and classify all content – whether physical or digital, surface it to people via the applications they use every day, confident in the knowledge that it is the single source of the truth.

Automate business processes to increase productivity

With information governance in place, use content to fuel business operations and processes.

Integrate line of business systems

Create an effective, comprehensive and frictionless information ecosystem with access to information via line of business systems, whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Collaborate securely - extend information governance to external parties

Provide the same level of confidence to the organisation and its staff that governance is always respected regardless if collaboration happens within or external to the agency.

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An AIIM Industry Paper

Good governance and the alignment of policies, people, processes and platforms enables an innovative government to deliver the services expected by citizens and customers.

Powering Transformation with Information

Capitalise on the value of consolidation, integration, automation and collaboration of your information with an effective ecosystem that positions you for continuous improvement and growth.

The Collaboration Challenge

Extend the governance applied through your current information management system to the information shared with external parties.

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