Streamline your ministerial processes

Deliver transparency and demonstrate accountability by injecting governance into every stage the process

Accurate, timely and consistent responses

Transform legacy systems - Eliminate paper and manual processes by adopting an intuitive, adaptable process engine.

Ensure quality every time - Enforce standards by providing knowledge workers with comprehensive response templates.

Enable secure collaboration - Work and securely share information with teams, other agencies and external subject matter experts.

Manage increased volumes, variety and velocity

Efficiently balance workloads - Rapidly adapt to variances, identify and eliminate bottlenecks, revise processes and expedite approvals.

Digitise approvals - Decrease approval response times by enabling executives to action them anywhere using their digital device of choice.

Ensure accountability - Monitor productivity and benchmark responses through comprehensive reporting insights and ministerial dashboards.

Protect information, minimise change

Promote sound governance - Ensure information governance is respected throughout each stage of your Ministerial processes.

Retain existing IT investments - Extend your information governance by adopting process capabilities that enable you to maintain your existing IT infrastructure.

Increase productivity - Streamline process activities by making relevant content easily accessible via your existing information repository or productivity applications.

Transform service delivery with Objective

Discover how Objective solutions are transforming content driven processes to deliver quality, transparency and cross agency collaboration with great governance.


A best-practice framework

Objective Ministerial Processes encompasses a best practice framework based on extensive experience delivering ministerial solutions.

Efficiency - Ensure deadlines are met by automating manual and repetitive process tasks utilising agile and adaptive process tools and methodologies.

Quality - Focus on analysis and priority management and deliver high value outputs through easy access to relevant information and subject matter experts.

Transparency - Meet Ministerial response SLAs, KPIs and demonstrate accountability with full visibility at their various stages via powerful dashboard reporting.

Collaboration - Connect knowledge workers, advisors and ministers with easy, secure, transparent and accountable inter or intra agency collaboration for improved efficiency and quality.

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Mastering Ministerials

Good governance and the alignment of policies, people, processes and platforms enables an innovative government to deliver the services expected by citizens and customers.

DPC Optimises Correspondence

The NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet (DPC) have digitally transformed their 7,000+ pieces of correspondence per year by automating their authoring and approval process with benefits from increased transparency and quality to department confidence.

Objective Ministerial Processes

Learn how the Objective Ministerial Processes solution can deliver more accurate, timely and consistent Ministerials by injecting governance into each element of your process.

Why work with Objective?

Trusted by government, globally

Governments trust us because we understand the unique complexities and challenges they face. Our customers are global, but the outcomes we deliver are tailored to meet local requirements.

Proven, scalable software

Objective technology is used by some of the largest and most security conscious organisations in the world including the Australian Department of Defence and the whole of the Scottish Government.

Proven, repeatable methodologies

Our implementation methodologies are built on deep industry knowledge and long-term experience in delivering public sector solutions.

If you dream it, we've usually done it

We offer deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering solutions to enterprises.
We also bring a genuine desire to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

Professional Services

Business analysis & system design, implementation & project management.

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Managed Services

Outsource the management and administration of your solution to our expert consultants, so you can focus on your core business.

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Full range of training options to equip your staff and maximise user adoption.

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Customers have direct access to technical and solution support, sales, professional services and management.

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