Collaborate beyond your firewall

Collaboration governance for the public sector and regulated industries

Work collaboratively with other agencies

Be flexible, agile, innovative - respond to the demands of a modern government to co-develop policy and co-deliver services, working collaboratively and securely with other agencies.

Work with external service providers - work more efficiently and productively with partners on projects, better manage your outsourced service providers and increase your responsiveness to citizens.

Collaborative processes require more than just files - work collaboratively on documents with full version support, keep conversations with the documents rather than a myriad of emails, and control tasks to keep teams on track.

Maintain the integrity of your information

Information governance - share information directly from your existing document management system, extending information governance to collaboration - document versions, user permissions, disposal schedules and audit trails.

Government-grade security - locally hosted to meet data sovereignty requirements and IRAP compliant to share information up to and including, Protected level.

Eliminate Shadow IT - provide a standard, approved and shared collaboration platform and avoid the risks your organisation is exposed to when users seek non-sanctioned file sharing options.


How will you demonstrate transparency and accountability?


A best-practice framework

Balancing the competing imperatives of collaboration, governance and cost.


Collaboration is more than simply sharing files. Working with other people can be a highly complex and fragmented process. A collaboration platform must not only provide secure, shared access to information, it should also provide context and transparency, and be easy to use.

Information Governance

Maintain a single source of the truth through integration with your existing document management system. A collaboration platform must extend your governance framework, including user permissions, document versions, disposal schedules and audit trails, ensuring restricted information is never shared.

Cost to Provision

Collaborative processes are often fluid, or temporary. A collaborative platform must accommodate the addition or removal of stakeholders without additional cost or restriction. It must also be easy to use and cost effective to provision; without additional burden to the IT department.

Learn more about secure collaboration

The Collaboration Challenge

This Executive Brief delivers a common language for everyone who understands the need to collaborate, but cares about information governance.

Learn what to look for in when reviewing collaboration solutions.

Is Your Agency Amalgamating?

Every Machinery of Government (MOG) change comes with its own set of challenges. Learn how you can provide a common platform where you can securely share and work on documentation whilst ensuring sound records management and governance practices.

The need for internal digital transformation

The need for governments to become more open and transparent has never been greater. Delivering on the social and economic benefits of open government requires internal digital transformation. How can senior executives lead this change?

Improve any project, any process

Enhance and streamline the intersection of people, content and processes for just about any use case.


  • Virtual Data Rooms
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Update Terms
  • Manage Engagements

Case Management

  • Legal Disputes and Processes
  • Safeguarding
  • Healthcare Episodes
  • Digital Referrals
  • Development Applications
  • Planning Applications


  • Inter-Agency Engagement
  • Policy and Budget
  • Submissions
  • Outsourced Partners


  • Committee Documents
  • Board Papers
  • Confidential Matters
  • Report Circulation

Digital collaboration is more than just sharing files

Collaborate on documents

Simply drag and drop one or more documents into Objective Connect and they’ll be available for anyone you’ve invited to the secure workspace.

Capture conversations

Conduct conversations and instantly alert a participant by mentioning their name. Direct attention to specific documents and actions.

Control tasks

Create tasks to acknowledge, review and approve decisions. Inbuilt audit trail deliver complete transparency including who did what and when.

Integrate with HPE Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint and Objective ECM

Single source of truth

Ensure that your document management system remains your single source of truth. Objective Connect integrates with many popular systems including HPE Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint and Objective ECM.

Always in sync and audited

Every document uploaded and every document version updated in Objective Connect is automatically synchronised with your document management system, with a complete record updated in the document management system audit trail.

Right-click, share

Simply right-click from within your document management system to share a document or a folder of documents, creating a secure, private workspace to collaborate with external parties.

Maintain Governance

Before a document is shared externally the permission and life-cycle information within the document management system is always checked, ensuring restricted information never leaves your organisation.