A new way to automate your licensing processes

Automated licence application and approval

Transform your Authorities 'temporary structure' licence application process.

Objective for Highway Licensing offers an automated licence application and approval solution providing a complete end-to-end process, including account registration, easy to use online licence application forms, through to a highly efficient and fully automated back-office licence approval and issue process.

Achieve efficiency savings up to 50% in the processing and issuing of licenses.

Improve licensing volumes up to 30% the automated solution frees up time allowing you to focus on reducing the amount of unlicensed activity.

Improve your licence renewals by 20% with automatic renewals being issued directly to the applicant and your team prior to expiry.

Automate a range of back-office application processes including Skips, Scaffolds, Hoardings, Materials, A-boards, Tables and Chairs.

automate license application and approval

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Watch the Webinar - Highway Licensing at Brighton and Hove City Council

Brighton and Hove Webinar

David Fisher, Acting Head of Traffic Management at Brighton & Hove City Council provides valuable insight into how the Council has adopted an innovative approach to transforming service delivery whilst driving customer service excellence by automating their licensing process for Skips and Scaffolds.

Watch the Webinar

Automate Highway Licensing

Discover a new low-cost way to automate Highway Licensing for your organisation in areas such as Skip, Scaffolds and Hoardings licenses. Deliver efficiency savings of up to 50% and increase licensing volumes by 30%.


Delivery & How to Buy

Objective for Licensing is offered as fixed cost software as a service solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and is available through G-Cloud or direct from Objective Corporation.

A small one off fee will cover implementation, including onsite training and configuration and can be live in less than a month from order. For an annual fee the licensing solution includes:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Storage
  • Support
  • Upgrades
  • Unlimited user access to the licence solution by your Highways team