Information Management Solutions for Local Government

Transform service delivery with Electronic Document and Records ManagementTransform service delivery with Enterprise Information Management

Fast-track your path to compliant EDRMS for CouncilsYour fast-track to compliance

A proven foundation that provides your organisation with best-practice information management practices ., business process automation and technology, designed to enable your digital transformation initiatives.

Comply with confidence

Robust security, version control and audit management designed to ensure your council complies with recordkeeping standards.

We are certified to ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security Management, ISO 9001:2008 - Quality Management System and VERS. We also comply with ISO 15489 - International Standard on Records Management and BIP0008.

Eliminate paper to improve responsivenessImprove responsiveness

Instant access to the information they need helps your staff respond more effectively. Reduce the overheard of handling paper while increasing visibility across all information driven business processes.

Provide flexible working environments and mobility

Empower staff to work efficiently more effectively by being able to access their content wherever they are on the digital workspace that's most appropriate for their work environment.

Streamline Development ApplicationBuilding Consents approvals

Make paperless DAsBuilding Consents a reality

Increase efficiency and accuracy through the development application building consents process by digitally transforming it. Decrease overheads by streamlining the capture, measurement of plans, review and approval of development applications.

Reduce turnaround time

Expedite assessment by reducing bottlenecks associated with evaluating plans against building standards, planning guidelines and floor-space ratios. Pre-calibrate plans for more accurate measurements, effortlessly recalculate percentages where required.

Automate standard assessment processes

Reduce the processing time and frustration typically associated with assessing and approving DAs Building Consents by introducing a process governance platform. Discover how one council reduced the cycle by up to 30%, transforming turnaround times from weeks to days. Read the Moreton Bay Regional Council case study.

Improve communication between parties

Decrease frustration and expedite decisions by providing a secure digital workspace between stakeholders to resolve and expedite outcomes, whist ensuring governance is always adhered to.

Work securely with anyone outside your organisation

Create shared digital workspaces

Securely share documents, capture conversations and allocate tasks to more effectively work within and outside your council.

Eliminate Shadow IT and protect informationEliminate the use of non-authorised systems

Reduce the risk of information leaks through the unsanctioned use of consumer-grade file sharing tools, by providing staff with a secure platform to collaborate outside your organisation.

Distribute Information with full visibility

Streamline the delivery of papers to councillors, information to constituents and community groups and keep track of who receives information and when it's been accessed.

Collaborate with partners

Drive better outcomes by improving visibility of information, conversations and actions. Work more efficiently with partners on projects and better manage your outsourced service-providers. Drive better outcomes by improving visibility of information, conversations and actions. Work more effectively with partners.

Author, review & publish large council documents and plans with ease

Expedite document production

From Annual Reports to Planning Reports, Budget Books to Committee Papers - reduce the publication cycle with simultaneous authoring.

Focus on the quality of the content

Empower subject matter experts to direct their effort and expertise into the quality of the content, rather than document formatting.

Reduce the cost of quality assurance

Approve content once, with the assurance that it can't be altered during production without consent.

Review and collate with confidence and accuracy

Change history, version management and approvals are all tracked enhancing the accuracy of documents and reducing re-work.

Brand consistency across all media

Apply corporate branding through templates. Output instantly to web, PDF and print.

Powered by Objective Keystone

A cloud solution for collaborative authoring, review and publication.

Learn more about Objective Keystone.

Transform Asset Management to Improve Accuracy and Resource Allocation

Ensure assets are captured

Drive better operational efficiency and accuracy with projects by automating the capture and recording of assets before they are allowed to close.

Eliminate End of Year Frustration

Allocate asset management tasks to relevant staff and identifying bottleneck before they occur to ensure that all processes are completed prior to year end close.

Improve Asset management utilisation

Improve the asset capture and capitalisation processes enabling finance departments to more evenly spread out their tasks over the course of the year.

Ensure timely transfer of assets

Automate the transfer process from WIP to Asset Register ensuring accuracy and timeliness whist removing potential bottlenecks.

Discover more:

Create meaningful relationships with your stakeholders and citizens

Make it easy for citizens to engage

Encourage community engagement by offering your stakeholders and citizens an easy, digital way to contribute their thoughts, ideas and feedback.

A digital channel for your community to contribute

Conduct surveys, polls, discussion boards and forums and manage it all from one central platform that gives you visibility of all engagement activity.

Ongoing improvement

Learn from your stakeholders and provide a feedback loop on staff and citizen satisfaction linked to your Key Performance Indicators.

Social media engagement

Integrate your social media strategy and content within an engagement platform so that people can conduct surveys through social media channels such as Facebook.

Discover more:

Learn more


Fixed Scope. Fixed Price. Packaged Solutions for Local Government

Deliver better homes, better service and better value by automating processes and controlling information

Improve customer service; deliver cost savings

A proven, effective and compliant solution for managing information across a Housing organisation, Objective for Housing provides best practice for the control and governance of information assets and can extend to secure collaboration outside of your organisation.

Fixed Scope. Fixed Price!

From implementation to integration, process automation to document scanning; training and ongoing support, our comprehensive Housing Solution will drive efficiency savings across your Housing organisation without the hidden costs typically associated with IT software projects.

Improve the governance and regulatory compliance of your housing information.

Deliver significant cashable savings and drive service improvement by automating end-to-end admin-intensive housing processes.

Reduce the cost of paper file storage.

Ensure staff have access to relevant and up-to-date information whenever and wherever they need it.

Provide timely and accurate responses for improved customer service.

Discover more:


Solution Overview

Objective for Housing

Case Study

Thurrock Council

Provide the governance and protection required when dealing with sensitive and personal case information

Safeguard and protect vulnerable children and adults

Protect the information of vulnerable children and adults by applying sound information governance principles such as retention policies and disposal schedules. Minimise the risk of fines and intervention from the CQC or Information Commission.

Reduce operating costs; deliver better services

Integrate a fully compliant, records management repository with your core Case Management applications. Streamline and automate your business processes. Improve governance, service levels, the client experience and service outcomes delivered to vulnerable adults and children, white significantly reducing operating costs of the service as a whole.

Create a single source of the truth across all case information through seamless integration between ECM and Case Management systems.

Improve the governance and regulatory compliance of your case files and social care documents.

Deliver significant cashable savings and drive service improvement by automating end-to-end admin-intensive housing processes.

Reduce the cost of paper file storage

Ensure staff have access to relevant and up-to-date information whenever and wherever they need it.

Provide timely and accurate responses for improved customer service

Discover more:


Solution Overview

Objective for Social Care

Resources to help you on your journey to Digital Transformation

ANZ Digital Maturity Report

This survey report features the key challenges councils face with digital reform but also reveals the true opportunity and value of a citizen-centric digital local government.

An AIIM Industry Paper

Good governance and the alignment of policies, people, processes and platforms enables an innovative government to deliver the services expected by citizens and customers.

3 Steps to Service Excellence - Reform | Transform | Perform

Read how top-performing councils are transforming service delivery with good information governance.

Solutions for Local Government

Objective ECM for Housing

Transform your service delivery and reduce revenue budget with Objective for Housing.

Transforming Housing

Discover how Thurrock Council is transforming Housing services in this webinar.

Objective ECM for Social Care

Provide the governance and protection required when dealing with sensitive and personal case information.

Reduce costs and deliver better services by automating processes

Eliminate non value-add work from your business so you can focus on innovative service delivery and better outcomes to your community.

Common council business processes

From Development Applications Building Consents to Asset Management, HR on-boarding to Correspondence Management, automating common Council processes delivers tangible efficiency gains and a foundation for digital transformation.

When experience counts

Our extensive experience in local government will help you identify the right opportunities to achieve efficiency and productivity improvements.

People who get it

Your outcomes matter; our people get that. Leverage our expertise in best-practice business analysis, system design and implementation methodologies - for faster results, first time, every time.

Technology you can rely on

Proven software automates processes and integrates with council systems delivering full visibility and transparency across processes.

streamline business processes
digital transformation in local government

Embrace digital transformation in Local Government

Adopt innovative technologies that transform operations, decrease costs and provide better overall service delivery outcomes.

Evolve into a 24/7 open for business organisation by delivering digital platforms that engage citizens and enable staff to better manage their activities.

Develop and automate business practices that ensure governance isn't compromised.

Digital platforms

Embrace digital technology that transforms business operations ensuring information governance is always at the centre of innovation.

Innovative services

Streamline the interaction with citizens to bridge the gap between expectations and service delivery.

Streamlined practices

Improve productivity, decrease cost and increase efficiency by automating common non value council processes and deliver tangible benefits to citizens.

Enhance productivity by integrating information management into Council systems

Achieve service excellence by removing the overheads of information management throughout your core council systems such as Land Information Systems, Property and Rating Systems, SharePoint and more across your core council lines of business systems and other information repositories such as SharePoint.

Eliminate information silos

Reduce the risk associated with managing information in multiple locations. Capture once, use throughout.

Increase productivity

Improve user access to supporting information to become more responsive to citizens' needs.

Enhance workplaces

Streamline services via digital platform to enhance user and citizen council experiences.


Transform Highway Licensing

Deliver great customer service with a streamlined and automated solution for license applications and approvals.


Information Drives Service Excellence In Local Government

View our illustrative 3-step guide that is helping Councils significantly reduce costs and improve service delivery.


Embrace innovation. Respect information governance.

Technology for an information driven government.

Need to apply information governance to Office 365?

Transform productivity by enabling users to manage their content alongside it's valuable context in a single digital workspace.

Discover how without compromising your information management policy and practices.

Office 365 Governance ›
Does enterprise content belong in the cloud?

There are many benefits to moving your content to the cloud, but equally it can introduce risk to the organisation.

Discover the impact on information management and find a cloud model that's appropriate for your content.

ECM in the Cloud ›
Need to work with external parties?

Providing external access to enterprise content is often required to be productive.

Can you do it securely while applying your information management rules and policies?

Discover how with Objective Connect ›

Governance solutions for information, processes and collaborative workspaces.

Robust governance across all information


Streamline content-driven processes


Leverage information and processes across your enterprise.


Extend your information governance to the cloud


Author, verify and publish on-brand content, with ease


Digitally transform plan approval collaboration


Why work with Objective?

Our products support local government business processes and are used by more than 250 local government organisations worldwide.

Our extensive local government project experience means all of our consultants have a thorough understanding of local council processes.

Our technology integrates with key applications used by councils and semi-proprietary systems. We have experience integrating with ERP and Financial systems, GIS and LIS systems, Human Resources and Payroll systems.

We're committed to local government. We will continue to develop, evolve and deliver solutions to the public sector and regulated industries.

Migration from legacy ECM or Document Management Systems is easy. We have experience assisting customers migrate from: Technology One ECM, Lotus Notes and Domino.doc, OpenText eDocs, Dataworks, HP TRIM and many more.

If you dream it, we've usually done it

We offer deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering solutions to Local Government. We also bring a genuine desire to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

Professional Services

Business analysis & system design, implementation & project management.

Information Governance › Process Governance › Implementation ›

Managed Services

Outsource the management and administration of your solution to our expert consultants, so you can focus on your core business.

Managed Services ›


Full range of training options to equip your staff and maximise user adoption.

Education ›


Customers have direct access to technical and solution support, sales, professional services and management.

Technical Support ›

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