Augment Micro Focus Content Manager with solutions from Objective

Increase productivity and transparency, lower costs and ensure compliance.

Extend the value of Content Manager with a range of information, process and collaboration solutions.

Extend, not rebuild

Leverage your existing investment in Micro Focus Content Manager (formerly HPE Content Manager) while extending governance to provide a better experience to staff; and better services to citizens.

Extend capabilities without risk

Extend efficiency with Objective solutions across a range of use-cases including external collaboration to deliver better outcomes without increasing governance risk.

Proven ROI

Digitally transform your organisation with solutions that are cost effective, require minimal change management and provide a clear return on investment.

Support digitisation initiatives

Digitise manual processes and extend collaboration without a wholesale change to your existing information governance platform.

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Objective Solutions for Micro Focus Content Manager

Transforming government processes in Micro Focus Content Manager

Designed for Micro Focus Content Manager

Objective's process management solutions add value to and work seamlessly with Micro Focus Content Manager to deliver increased productivity, transparency and overall services delivery.

Transform expectations

Deliver better outcomes for staff, constituents and customers by digitising processes that improve customer service delivery and drive government transformation initiatives.

Learn more about Objective Perform.

Employ best-practice principles

Leverage industry experience and best practice principles by adopting robust solutions that ensure good governance throughout the various touch points.

Accessibility with transparency and auditability

Increase efficiency and remove bottlenecks by enabling staff to manage business processes on their mobile platform of choice while ensuring the business retains transparency and auditability.

Collaboration Governance for Micro Focus Content Manager

Work securely with anyone

Increase efficiency with partners, better manage outsourced service-providers and improve responsiveness to customers and or citizens by creating secure, private workspaces in the cloud.

Transform any business processs

Remove the need for paper, email, thumb drives, DVDs and shadow IT. In a single, secure location collaborate on documents, capture conversations and control tasks.

Learn more about Objective Connect.

Maintain a single source of truth

Ensure Micro Focus Content Manager remains your single source of truth by integrating Objective Connect - synchronise every document, enforce governance framework and audit every event.

Completely secure

Know who's done what, and when. With government grade security to Protected Level, Objective Connect includes full auditability and traceability of every activity.

Manage complex plans, maps and images faster, smarter, and more collaboratively

Digitally transform image reviews

Easily view, measure, annotate, bookmark and compare documents digitally with Trapeze Desktop.

Boost service delivery

Digitally transform complex document and image processes such as plan review, medical cases and map management, to speed up processing times, deliver better customer experience, and save costs and paper.

Effectively capture information

Automatically transform all paper documentation into actionable information in HPE Content Manager by capturing and indexing data quickly, easily and accurately.

Extend information governance

Make the most of Micro Focus Content Manager by extending your information governance across your complex drawings and documents. Achieve better results faster, without increasing governance risk.

Learn more about Objective Trapeze.

Cost-effective redaction for security conscious organisations

Redact any document

Protect sensitive information in any document, regardless of file type.

Intelligent and easy

Search for phrases or structured data, create rules, collaborate and review.

Learn more about Objective Redact.

Remove any trace

Identified information, metadata, reviews and any other hidden code is irreversibly removed.

Streamline the redaction process

Work with single documents or many. Quick and easy to set up. Start redacting immediately.

Delivering complementary solutions

Videos from a recent Micro Focus and Objective executive breakfast event


Once competitors, now partners

Micro Focus and Objective are working together to deliver complementary solutions.

Where are the opportunities to transform service delivery?

See how government agencies are opereating digitally to be more responsive, open and efficient.

Learn more about secure collaboration

The Collaboration Challenge

This Executive Brief delivers a common language for everyone who understands the need to collaborate, but cares about information governance.

Learn what to look for in when reviewing collaboration solutions.

Understanding the Risks and Costs of Shadow IT

As the public sector increasingly engages with other agencies, citizens and the wider business community, employees are increasingly turning to unsanctioned ‘Shadow IT’ to get their work done.

National Blood Authority

Collaborating across nine governments and more than 400 hospitals, the National Blood Authority shares information, securely. Content Manager remains its single source of truth.

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