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Driving Digital Transformation - Part 3: Platforms

Stephen Duncan, Product Marketing Manager, ECM

Digital transformation within the public sector can only be successful if people adopt change How does technology play a role in providing platforms that drive this?

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Driving Digital Transformation - Part 2: Processes

Stephen Duncan, Product Marketing Manager, ECM

Digital Transformation is impacting the way we view our business strategy. How can public sector organisations transform their business through business process improvements respecting governance?

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Driving Digital Transformation - Part 1: People

Stephen Duncan, Product Marketing Manager, ECM

The term ‘Digital Transformation’ has become pervasive throughout our business language, but what does it mean for the public sector and how are people key to making it successful?


News Releases

News Release

Objective signs $10 million contract with IBM and Defence


Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) today announced that it has been awarded a new contract with IBM to deliver a key component of the Australian Department of Defence’s End User Compute (EUC) Program. The EUC Program is one of several initiatives designed to establish a dependable, secure and integrated Single Information Environment (SIE) to support Defence business and military operations.

News Release

Objective Corporation to acquire Onstream Systems


Objective Corporation (ASX: OCL) today announced the unconditional agreement to purchase 100% of the shares in Onstream Systems Ltd (Onstream), a New Zealand headquartered company which specialises in the capture, collaboration and manipulation of large documents, complex drawings, maps and plans.

News Release

Procurement Made Easy - Objective Solutions available to purchase from G-Cloud 7


Objective has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 7, the latest iteration of the G-Cloud framework, by the Crown Commercial Service. This means that Objective’s Software as a Service solutions can, for the third year running, be purchased by public sector agencies through the government’s Digital Marketplace, an online store for the public sector.

News Release

Objective Corporation Awarded Contract with Infor for City of Gold Coast Digital Transformation


Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) today announced it had been awarded a new contract with Infor Australia at the City of GoId Coast.


Objective in the News

Objective Corporation and IBM unite to secure $10 million Aussie defence deal


Terms of the deal will see Objective design, build, test and deploy the latest version of its enterprise content management solution (ECM) to support all of Defence’s 75,000 users on the Protected network.

A Strategy Worth Bottling


The National Blood Authority's (NBA) primary role is to provide a safe, secure and affordable blood supply for all Australians. As a centralised resource, the NBA works on behalf of all Australian government and manages over a billion dollars' worth of blood-related products per annum... After a detailed review of the market, the NBA implemented Objective Connect. Not only did it facilitate collaboration with external parties, it also met the NBA's requirements in terms of security and information governance.

Governance Key to Transformation


This article, in Government News, outlines how information governance together with process governance can lie at the heart of digital transformation. When orchestrated in harmony, can support an agile, robust, compliant framework to manage people, processes and platforms across the entire organisation.

National Blood Authority Connects in the cloud


A critical aspect of the National Blood Authority’s work - collaborating across all Australian governments to manage and coordinate an adequate, safe and affordable supply of blood and blood products and services - has become significantly easier thanks to an innovative and secure private workspace provided via Objective Connect.